Thursday, 6 October 2011

Team Mountain Designs Prepares for XPD

Luke has been off racing! Yes he finished a close 2nd to Jarrod Kohlar in the very prestigious UPPER MURRAY CHALLENGE two weeks ago and is backing up this weekend at the FREYCINET LODGE CHALLENGE in the beautiful Tasmania……not the exact site for XPD but he will get a feel for the terrain and weather!
Kim has been on holidays now for 3 weeks and loving her break from teaching to prepare for XPD. She has just completed a 90k TREK from Noosa to Rainbow Beach along “The Great Cooloola Walk” with a loaded pack and returned to Noosa by MOUNTAIN BIKE……..great preparation for XPD!

Gary has been doing his XPD training by getting blown out to sea PADDLING in 60 knot winds for hours following this the next day with a pretty gnarly TREK 7hrs in some of the thickest steepest, rockiest, loosest, every prickle and wait-a-while you can imagine. To top it off he lost the map half way (when a large rock gave way on a cliff face) and had to do the rest on map memory!  Battered, bruised, ripped up from head to toe and exhausted, he took the next day off to lick the wounds before getting back out there amongst it!

Andrew aka Pikey has been doing some CYCLOCROSS racing and…….word has it he has also practicing YOGA and PILATES! As we all know the inner self needs special attention when preparing for XPD!

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