Monday, 13 February 2012

Team MD's on fire at Upside Down Rogaine - Mt Coot-tha (Brisbane)

Remember that storm that hit Brisbane on Saturday Night (11th Feb 2012) at around 10.30pm .....or were you asleep??? Well at the time, Team Mountain Designs was preparing (along with another 70 or so teams), for an all-nighter. No we are not talking about "clubbing"......we were Rogaining! What is this ???? Well it is where you run around in the bush (in a team) with a map and compass, looking for Orange / White Flags - usually hidden in creeks or on top of hills, and try to find as many as you can in a certain time - this one was 8hrs. Oh and each one has different points based on how hard it is to find, so it is not all about fitness and speed, but also strategy! Team Mountain Designs used this event as "training' for the upcoming "Orion Health GODZONE Adventure Race" in Queenstown,NZ.

We plotted a course (which included all of the checkpoints).... we were told it was very hilly out there....but we thought "bring it on" as we need to be prepared for the hills in Queenstown. We were off to a great start, I was winning the tumble / stack count......Gary was out the front on fire, and Robbie & Sloshy were the ferrets (they punch the controls)...... after 3hrs we had to reassess our we had to skip a few! As the sun came up we started to see a few teams frantically trying to get back to HQ before 7am like we don't know who is in front till you every minute counts! We make it back with 4 mins to spare and amass 1790 points......280 points ahead of our closest rivals......A great result for Team Mountain Designs, and great preparation for GODZONE.

 Thanks to Luke Goodfellow & the Qld Rogiane Assn for putting on such an awesome event yet again! Check their events out at

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