Saturday, 25 August 2012

Team Mountain Designs try out Saloman S Lab Sense

Kim and Gary lined up today at Mt Joyce for iAdventure Race wearing our very light and flash looking Salomon S-Lab Sense.

The day starts with a bike drop and a 1.5k run back to the start before briefing...we don't often get a chance to warm up well before a race.....however this was a great opportunity to test out the feel of  the Salomon S-Lab Sense.....We commence with an optional paddle leg with strong teams, we hit the lead off this leg as we commence  a short run leg, collect CP1 & 2 then arrive at TA1. We are on the bikes first, opting to use the S-Lab Sense instead of bike shoes to avoid a shoe change....thus saving time. The trails at Mt Joyce were awesome.....a bit dry, but if you love single track, you would have loved this event! We are riding with  a few of Gary's training buddies - Leo Theo and Rob Pommie (who do race for MD's on occasions) so we are just ripping up the trails.....and before long we are at TA2 ready for our second foot leg! We set off in the lead and this is where we put the S-Lab Sense to the test in AR. The shoes were great for the conditions, good grip underfoot on road, path and through rugged scrub and super lightweight which means less effort when off track! We collect all CP's on the leg and the bonus and soon we are off on the final bike leg! This leg we opt to get the optional CP's D & E and the climb was so worth it, as the descent off Mt Joyce was such a buzz !!!! The final leg of the day was a paddle, which cooled us it was a warm day for August! We again go for the optional CP and get back just over 3hrs......we clear the course, take out the premier mixed category and give the Salomon S-Lab Sense the thumbs up for AR!

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