Saturday, 1 August 2015

Athletes unite to take on Australia’s Toughest Adventure Race – XPD Townsville

Team Mountain Designs has secured two of Australia’s top adventure racers in order to defend their 2013 World Series - XPD Title in Townsville next week.  Kathryn Preston who recently achieved a podium finish with Dave Schloss in Expedition Alaksa (both racing for Rogue) , and Damon Goerke a two time XPD winner, are replacing Kim Beckinsale and Leo Theoharis who are both out due to injury. These athletes are used to racing head to head against each other in events such as Australia’s Premier Adventure Race - Geoquest and the iconic NZ Adventure Race – Godzone.

The event which commences on 5th August in Townsville is attracting teams from over 10 countries including top teams from Australia, New Zealand, France and South Africa. Two of these teams are currently ranked top 10 in the AR World series – Bivouac Inov8 (NZ) and Team Raidlight (France). The 700km event which will see teams travel by foot, MTB  and kayak from Tropical Islands to remote outback stations is likely to take most for the top team over  100 hours  to complete and they will do this with less than 10hrs sleep in some cases.  XPD is organised by Sunshine Coast’s Craig Bycroft and Louise Foulkes from Geocentric

Gary and Sloshy will stand out amongst the crowd in their bright Red ‘Flight Centre Kit’ and will not be without their Hoka shoes on all of the trekking legs! 

Kathryn is looking forward to the adventure of the race and trekking, riding and paddling to places most people will never get to experience. She will be relying on her Salomon XA pro-footwear for comfort and durability.

Damon will no doubt not be without his Aussie Butt cream for most of the race and will be very glad he won’t have to be carrying all of the team gear racing with Kathryn, Sloshy and Gary!

Kim and Leo will be anxiously watching over the progress of Team Mountain Designs as the team forges their way with map and compass through whatever landscape that appears in front of them.

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