Sunday 18 March 2012

Team Mountain Designs on track for some Wild Racing at GODZONE

Wild Horse Mountain was the venue for the annual Sunshine Coast Kathmandu Adventure Race so Kim and Gary got together to have one of their final hit outs before travelling to NZ for GODZONE. It had been raining for days and we expected wet and muddy conditions, and that's what we got, however everyone on the course seemed to be just loving it. The first foot rogaine was fast & furious, we nailed out 5 CP's and got into TA 1 in the lead, then out on the MTB course we could see Team GU and a couple of guys teams trying reel us in. The paddle was short, but tough with a fast outgoing tide to push through on the way back, we just managed to hold off GIGANTOR! We had an awesome creek  crossing to negotiate before our second trek, where we used a rope to pull us across. We raced through the pine trees collecting all the CP's without any nav issues before heading back across the creek. We didn't mind getting wet, again, as it was rather warm and it cleaned off a bit of the mud. The ride back to HQ was now challenging as the trails were getting boggy in parts, but we just loved the challenge, and my GIANT XTC 29er Hard Tail was just perfect in these conditions. We were informed at HQ that the final leg was on foot, to collect the 2 CP's we left on the first foot rogaine.....we had about a 10 minute lead, but could not be complacent as we had left tow CP's at extreme ends of the course. As it turned out only two teams were sent out for the extra CP's,  Team Mountain Designs and GIGANTOR's team......we managed to hold them off and earn another victory in this event.
We backed up Sunday with our MOUNTAIN DESIGNS team mates for GODZONE  - Robbie & Sloshy for a coastal TREK and PADDLE in the WILD weather conditions on the Sunshine Coast.

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