Thursday, 12 April 2012

Godzone course breaks Kim

TA 3....end of the  whitewater canoe leg!

Kim & Gary having a little dance before the long, long trek....happy times before disaster...

Robbie & Sloppy trying catch up on the dance...
Team Mountain Designs were forced to withdraw the team from the Godzone Adventure race after completing LEG 5 in 7th position. Kim was regretting telling the boys the level of pain and suffering  as we were approaching the TA. The boys were gearing up for the next trek and preparing themselves mentally for the next possible 30hrs of trekking while I was trying fight the pain and force myself to keep going.....but when we got into the TA I knew that going on into such remoteness in the condition I was in was not a safe and wise option for both me and the team. So, after much discussion of options, we withdrew from the race......however Robbie, Gary and Sloppy are heading out for the final exciting TREK tomorrow morning and take out the camera and get some great pictures as they climb up and skirt the Earnslaw Glacier! 

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